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Travis Scott Family finally meets Stormi Webster

It’s been two months since
Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, but it seems the famous infant has yet to meet her entire extended family.

According to sources close to the couple, Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, took Stormi down to Texas recently to meet Travis’ family.

News of the trip was made public not by Kylie or Travis – who probably wanted to keep things on the down-low for obvious reasons – but by Travis’ brother, Joshua, who couldn’t contain his enthusiasm over finally getting to meet his new niece.
“So happy to finally hold my beautiful Stormi,” Joshua wrote on social media.

An insider tells People magazine that Kylie, Travis, and Stormi arrived in Texas via private jet on Friday and spent the weekend visiting with Scott’s family in the Houston area.

While most of Travis’ immediate family members were able to make it to LA shortly after Stormi’s birth, for many of the rapper’s relatives, this was their first time laying eyes on one of the world’s most famous babies.
According to one insider, Scott’s “close family have spent a lot of time in L.A. with Stormi since she was born.”

The source notes, however, that Travis “has extended family in Texas that he wanted to celebrate Stormi with.”
Travis went all out for Stormi’s big Houston debut, reportedly dropping more than $7,000 on two storm cloud flower arrangements, complete with Swarovski crystal raindrops.

Fortunately, it seems Kylie was every bit as excited about the trip as Travis.
“Kylie always seemed to enjoy spending time with Travis’ family in Texas,” says the source.
“During their relationship, they have often traveled there together.”
Yes, despite several months’ worth of rumors about Kylie and Travis breaking up, it seems Stormi’s parents are still going strong.

In fact, there have been reports that Kylie is trying to get pregnant again.
In all likelihood, fans are jumping the gun a bit on that one, but by all accounts, Kylie loves being a mom, and she and Travis are getting along better than ever.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Travis and Kylie decide to have more kids in the near future … but maybe not that near.

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Davido reveals his heart desire

DMW Boss, Davido who had one time boast of having 30 billion in his account has revealed what he needs to have his life all set.
One may begin to wonder if 30 billion whether in Naira or dollar is not enough for Davido, then how much money in this world will be enough for him.
Recall, the singer recently spent a whooping $235k (N86m) on a 2018 Bentley Bentayga and has also been splashing cash on diamond encrusted 30 billion Gang chains for himself, his crew, daughter and girlfriend.
Of course, Davido’s lavish lifestyle did not start today but don’t think too far on how much money he needs to be really financially okay.
The singer himself took to snapchat to disclose how much he needs to have his life set. According to OBO, he needs $10million to have his life set.
Going by a careful calculation, $10m is equivalent to N3.6bn, which is up to how much he boasts to have in account when he sang “IF”.
Well, this is clear-cut proof that the
“30 Billion In The Account” lyrics is just lyrics not the real deal

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The Amazing Journey of Latimore

Every icon has a story and Brian Kimuge is not an exception basing on his humble beginning and the spirit of a fighter.

Brian, popularly known as Latimore is a dancer currently residing in Eldoret, Kenya. He started dancing while in high school back in 2013. Just like a dreamer, he channeled his energy and focused on dancing to ensure that he delivers his best.

In our phone interview with him, he revealed that his major challenge has always been lack of funds to record quality videos but despite this, the young legend believes everything is possible. He keeps on grinding with the hopes of a brighter future .

Are you an artist looking for a dancer? A brand looking for an entertainer or a stand up comedian looking for a dance hype professional? Look no more. Latimore is a depiction of a perfect dancer.

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AKA signs a mega deal

 AKA is not playing games in 2018. 
The guy is evidently here to get that guap and is doing so at the speed of lighting. 

While the rest of us were trying to beat the chilly weather, AKA was out signing mega money deals. 

Another one in a matter of days. 

AKA took to Twitter to share that his company, Beam Group, had partnered with one of the country’s major network companies, which he has not named yet. 

But the rapper has dubbed the company as SA’s number 1 network and described the deal as “major”. 

“I just signed a MAJOR deal to partner with the #1 Network in South Africa to create a platform for artists & personalities that will change the way they interact with their fans forever! This is Beam Digital’s 1st deal of this magnitude and I can’t wait to share it with you.” 

The news comes just days after AKA celebrated the launch of his limited edition Cruz watermelon vodka. 

The mega deal has been compared to Diddy’s deal with Ciroc and 50 Cents’ deal with Vitamin Water. 

AKA told media at the launch of the vodka that this is the first of its kind in Africa and that he will be seeing coins per bottle sold throughout the continent. 

This guy be swimming in the coins! 

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Amazing occurances at Rick Ross & Mike Sonko’s daughters birthday Last week.

Last week was one of the best moments for the MMG Boss Rick Ross and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Saumu Mbuvi and the MMG princess were celebrating their long awaited birthdays and here were the simillarities.

Both had private parties

Being one of the moguls in the Music Industry, Rick Ross decided to spoil her daughter in a big private party in Miami which was attended by Dj Khaled, The Boogie wit ths Hoodie and other famous celebrities. 

Here in Kenya, Mike Sonko also organized a private party for his last born. The girl was pictured dressed in loyalty with a crown designed with currencies from different countries .

Both were treated with Royalty

During the party, Rick Ross introduced his daughter as the MMG princess, a gesture that left her smiling and appreciating her father.

Also Mike Sonko’s daughter was dressed like a heiress, ready with a crown that depicts the power bestowed on her like the princess.

Expensive Gifts

Rozay gifted his 16 years daughter Roberts with a new stunning Bentley. He handed over the keys to her as a sign of exchange in ownership thus making her the full owner.

Also a source reveals that Mike Sonko’s daughter was given an expensive gift equated to four years school fees in one of the rich kids college in Canada.

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