The Good Old Days

I was thinking about the us, the good old times we shared and the fights we managed to avoid
We were 13 when it all started back in the elementary level             Holding hands on our way home and eating snacks at our favourite spot staring at the sun set. This reminds me of the childhood dreams and promises we made in every letter we wrote.

All i ever wanted was to see my name in the Star magazine and my song chatting over the billboard or maybe get a nomination to host a kids show. Does it sound crazy when you recall this? Its 9 years past that and am still working on the childhood dream.
Now look at where we at
Still growing up but am obsessed with the good old days
Sometimes I  lay in my bed and dream about what I’d become if my fate has another plan for me.
I couldn’t wait to get older but now I feel like rewinding the time.

I wish somebody would have told me, that childhood days are always the best or maybe that someday, I will miss everything I used to do and the magic of the good old days

 I feel like I messed up thinking there were answers for every puzzle. I had chances but i blew them hoping for new ones. Everything seemed easy but the reality is a nightmare of what I thought about. Am alone remeniscing of the opportunities and chances we missed.

Your last mail rekindled the golden days but am scared of making a move. Am I good enough ? Am I capable of living our childhood dreams now that am old? I feel like letting you know that you are better of without me but it hurts knowing that I’ll have to sacrifice my love.Give me the chance and the time to make it right before coming to where I belong.



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